Gill Engineering has the facilities and expertise to handle a variety of media blasting processes for corrosion protection prior to painting, cleaning prior to welding or in the case of Stainless Steel, passivating (stress relieving) after welding for critical items. Objects can be media blasted from up to 1 metre in the hand blaster, to 3 metres long in the booth.

Our Media blasting services include;

  • Sand Blasting.
    Commonly used for rust removal and surface preparation on most general types of materials. Garnet is the prefered media and leaves the surface smooth, even and clean ready for final finishing.

  • Bead blasting.
    Used for removing surface deposits or finishes, by applying fine glass beads at low pressure without damaging the surface. Ideal for obtaining an even finish for stainless steel fabricated parts.

  • Plastic bead blasting.
    Specifically used on sensitive items and light gauge materials that would normally pit or buckle using a more abrasive media.

Media blasting is an integral part of obtaining a long lasting and even finish to many fabricated products. With facilities onsite to process your blasting needs, this makes for a quick turn around time and the best finish for each manufactured item.

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