Gill Engineering can fabricate from drawings or from samples, items such as shafts and rollers creating key ways or splines as required. We can repair worn or damaged equipment by adding metal and re-machining back to original.
Our fully equipped workshop and experienced machinists can deliver your machining requirements on a tight schedule and to exacting specifications.


This method provides accurate cutting of heavy stock, Round bar, Flat bar and Billet materials.
Gill Engineering has facilities onsite to handle large scale cutting requirements.


Drilling and Boring.

Some projects may require a large quantity of drilling/boring procedures, or also highly acurate placement of holes.
Drill presses and milling machines are onsite to facilitate all drilling requirements.


High pressure vessles and large mutiple piece projects are no problem with complex drilling and tapping procedures being able to be carried out in our well equipped workshop. .



Our milling machines are able to create complex shapes from solid metals giving the resulting product a much higher tensile strength than if made from cast materials. This process is also useful for obtaining acurate thickness and low tolerance for joining surfaces.


Our processes also include broaching of internal and external splines and keyways. Mainly used in creating sprockets, gears, hubs and splined shafts.



Large metal lathes are also an integral part of our workshop machinery being used to machine down round bar, flush faces and for boring internal surfaces to a high degree of accuracy.

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