Gill Engineering is a fully equipped workshop with machinery and experience to cover any Manufacturing or Fabrication needs.

Guillotine Cutting.

This process ensures accurate cutting of sheet metal up to 8mm thick, quickly and in a manner that reduces wastage of material. The end result is an accurate job with minimal wastage and a quick turnaround for the customer.



With Presses and bending jigs, Gill Engineering can bend and fold Bar, Tube, Plate and Sheet to our customers needs.
CNC sheet metal folding is also a specialized feature of our services where folds are automatically imparted having totaly accurate angles and bend radii.

Roll Forming.

Roll forming is effective when the material must be bent a great deal. Roll forming can produce bends up to 360 degrees. This method is ideal for producing steel coils, large steel cylinders, or to bend tubing for spiral staircases. .



This is a form of bending, used for long and thin sheet metal parts. The machine that bends the metal is called a "Press Brake". This enables highly acurate bends and formations into sheet metal for a variety of uses.


Gill Engineering has the equipment and expertise to weld various forms of metal with a variety of welding types including MIG, TIG, Electric arc and Oxy acetelene welding. Our workshop has many procedures for welding large cylinders, Support beams, Air receivers and Fuel filter canisters. Our welding is second to none and meets rigorous testing to be compliant with a variety of Australian and International Standards.


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