Gill Engineering has been in business from the same premises at 19 - 25 York Street Airport West in Melbourne, Victoria since 1956. The fabrication and maintenance business has and does cover industries as diverse as aviation, rail transport, road transport and paddle steamers, the oil / gas petrochemical industries, Department of Defence, wineries, sand blasting, canneries, packaging, recycling, car makers and many other general manufacturing industries. The range of products include pressure vessels, pipe work and valving, gantries, sandblast cabinets, pressure pots, wine vats, food grade stainless steel pipe work, robotic support frames, safety guards and rails, stainless bench tops, machinery shafts and bushes, aircraft tow bars etc. Materials used in fabrication include carbon steel in all its forms of hardness and tensile strength, stainless steel, aluminium, phosphor bronze and perspex.

Our range of expertise includes welding, in steel, stainless steel and aluminium, milling and machining, steel cutting, bending, pressing and rolling, sand and bead blasting, painting, galvanizing and powder coating.

Initially formed to provide a service to the petrochemical industry in particular in retail petrol outlets and as support to the local Airports, Tullamarine and Essendon. We continue to maintain our longstanding relationship with Qantas in the maintenance / re-manufacture of ground support parts and equipment. The business soon grew to encompass fabrication in all areas of industry including the design and manufacture of farming implements. We provide a quick turn around emergency service to many manufacturing companies in the event of machinery breakdowns.

We have accepted the licence to build, sell and distribute, FAUDI Aviation and Industrial Filter Vessels ranging from Clay Treaters and Micro Filters through to Filter Water Separators and Monitors. This allows for manufacturer straight to customer design, production and delivery and gives control over quality and delivery at a more competitive price. We also provide technical help in the use and design of systems to combat fuel contamination in all fields of use but specializing in Aviation.

We have recently been appointed as the preferred supplier of Aviation filter water separator vessels under a three year contract to The Shell Company of Australia tasked with bringing all current installations up to International Aviation Standard API 1581 5th edition.

If you require further information not listed on this site, please feel free to contact our office by email or phone.

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